Long Term Support

Prometheus LTS are selected releases of Prometheus that receive bugfixes for an extended period of time.

Every 6 weeks, a new Prometheus minor release cycle begins. After those 6 weeks, minor releases generally no longer receive bugfixes. If a user is impacted by a bug in a minor release, they often need to upgrade to the latest Prometheus release.

Upgrading Prometheus should be straightforward thanks to our API stability guarantees. However, there is a risk that new features and enhancements could also bring regressions, requiring another upgrade.

Prometheus LTS only receive bug, security, and documentation fixes, but over a time window of one year. The build toolchain will also be kept up-to-date. This allows companies that rely on Prometheus to limit the upgrade risks while still having a Prometheus server maintained by the community.

List of LTS releases

Release Date End of support
Prometheus 2.37 2022-07-14 2023-07-31
Prometheus 2.45 2023-06-23 2024-07-31

Limitations of LTS support

Some features are excluded from LTS support:

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