The following is only a selection of some of the major features we plan to implement in the near future. To get a more complete overview of planned features and current work, see the issue trackers for the various repositories, for example, the Prometheus server.

Server-side metric metadata support

At this time, metric types and other metadata are only used in the client libraries and in the exposition format, but not persisted or utilized in the Prometheus server. We plan on making use of this metadata in the future. The first step is to aggregate this data in-memory in Prometheus and provide it via an experimental API endpoint.

Adopt OpenMetrics

The OpenMetrics working group is developing a new standard for metric exposition. We plan to support this format in our client libraries and Prometheus itself.

Backfill time series

Backfilling will permit bulk loads of data in the past. This will allow for retroactive rule evaluations, and transferring old data from other monitoring systems.

Support the Ecosystem

Prometheus has a range of client libraries and exporters. There are always more languages that could be supported, or systems that would be useful to export metrics from. We will support the ecosystem in creating and expanding these.

This documentation is open-source. Please help improve it by filing issues or pull requests.