Project Governance

The Prometheus project follows the Prometheus governance.


Prometheus is developed in the open. Here are some of the channels we use to communicate and contribute:

Slack channel: #prometheus on CNCF Slack.

IRC: #prometheus on This channel is bridged to the Matrix room below.

Matrix: This room is bridged to the IRC room above.

User mailing lists:

Discourse forum: Web-based discussion forum at hosted by Discourse.

Calendar for public events: We have a public calendar for events, which you can use to join us.

If you just want to get an overview, simply use our web view in your browser's time zone.

If you're using Google products, there's an automagic link to add it your own Google calendar.

If you're using a different calendar, there's an .ics to add to non-Google calendars.

Twitter: @PrometheusIO

GitHub: To file bugs and feature requests, use the GitHub issue tracker of the relevant Prometheus repository. For questions and discussions, many repositories offer GitHub discussions. Generally, the other community channels listed here are best suited to get support or discuss overarching topics.

Please do not ask individual project members for support. Use the channels above instead, where the whole community can help you and benefit from the solutions provided. If community support is insufficient for your situation, please refer to the Support & Training page.


We welcome community contributions! Please see the file in the respective Prometheus repository for instructions on how to submit changes. If you are planning on making more elaborate or potentially controversial changes, please discuss them in the developers IRC channel or on the mailing list before sending a pull request.

We host public weekly meetings focused on Prometheus development and contributions. It’s meant for developers and maintainers to meet and get unblocked, pair review, and discuss development aspects of the Prometheus and related official projects (e.g node_exporter, alertmanager). The document linked below contains all the details, including how to register.

Slack channel: #prometheus-dev on CNCF Slack.

IRC: #prometheus-dev on This channel is bridged to the Matrix room below.

Matrix: This room is bridged to the IRC channel above.

Development mailing list: prometheus-developers (mirror) – for discussions around Prometheus development.

Office Hours: Prometheus Contributor Office Hours – public weekly meetings focused on Prometheus development and contributions.

Developer summits

Developer summits are public meetings to discuss more involved development topics. They currently happen monthly as an online meeting. (For details, check out the public events calendar linked in the Community section above.) The Prometheus team curates the agenda based on recent discussions via other channels. To propose a topic, please send a mail to the development mailing list at least 24 hours prior to the summit.

As of 2021, we carry a public, rolling meeting notes document. You can find our historic meeting notes below.

2017 developer summit notes

2018 developer summit notes

2019 developer summit notes

2019 developer summit 2 notes

2020 virtual developer summit 1 notes

2020 virtual developer summit 2 notes

2020 virtual developer summit 3 notes

2020 virtual developer summit 4 notes

2020 virtual developer summit 5 notes

2021 virtual developer summit 1 notes

Developer Summit's Facilitator

The Facilitator role was created to help the Prometheus team to run the Developer Summits effectively. It's a rotational role (switches for every meeting) and its responsibilities are spread across different phases of the summit:

Before the summit

Before the summit, the Facilitator's main goal is to help the Prometheus team define the agenda and the topics to be discussed while making sure interested parties of the most voted topics will be able to attend the summit. We suggest the following tasks:

  • Two or three days before the meeting, send reminders in our public community channels inviting people to add Agenda Topics, and Prometheus Team members and maintainers to vote on topics they'd like to discuss.
  • One day before the meeting, reach out to "Topic owners" who received the most votes to make sure they'll make it to the summit.

During the summit

During the summit, the Facilitator is here to make sure the meeting runs smoothly, and that consensus is reached when needed. We suggest the following tasks:

  • Start the meeting on time. Use account for the admin meeting permissions.
  • Start the recording and mention that the Code of Conduct applies.
  • Select topics to be discussed based on votes and who is currently present in the meeting.
  • Take notes or find volunteer for taking notes in the shared document.
  • Strategically step in when the discussion is not moving forward or deviating from the topic.
  • Call for consensus when needed.

After the summit

Once the meeting is over, the last task of the Facilitator is to find a new Facilitator for the next summit by sending an email to the Prometheus Team mailing list.

Code of Conduct

To make Prometheus a welcoming and harassment-free experience for everyone, we follow the CNCF Code of Conduct.

Legal Umbrella

Prometheus is an independent open-source project and not controlled by any single company. To emphasize this we joined the Cloud Native Computing Foundation in 2016 as the second project after Kubernetes.

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Prometheus was started by Matt T. Proud and Julius Volz. The majority of its initial development was sponsored by SoundCloud.

We would also like to acknowledge early contributions by engineers from Docker and Boxever.

Special thanks to DigitalOcean for providing hosting resources.

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The Prometheus logo was contributed by Robin Greenwood.